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Three handmade greeting cards behind the \\"police chief\\"
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Three handmade greeting cards behind the "police chief"

Zhejiang news, May 9, China News (reporter Xi Jinyan) "wish police uncle all the best! I wish you good health! I wish you a happy life On the 9th, the reporter saw three handmade greeting cards at bailongqiao police station of Wucheng branch of Jinhua Public Security Bureau. They were sent by a little girl in the district. What kind of police and civilian stories are behind the cards?

The story will also start in November 2019. During a visit, the police of bailongqiao police station learned that there was a student named Xiaoyue (pseudonym) with excellent character and learning in the jurisdiction area, and his family conditions were very difficult. After knowing the situation, the police immediately got in touch with Xiao Yue's head teacher and got a detailed understanding of the basic situation.

"After knowing this, we immediately decided to carry out love education." Bailongqiao police station instructor Yu Guojian introduced that the station called on the police to donate money for Xiaoyue, and everyone responded in succession. Later, after communicating with Xiaoyue's mother for many times, the Party branch of bailongqiao police station decided to form a long-term partnership with Xiaoyue and subsidize him to go to school until he graduated from University (adult)

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