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Classification of gift boxes
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Classification of gift boxes

There are different styles of boutique gift boxes, including cute, elegant and high-end ones. These gift boxes attract people's eyes. Why do gifts need to be wrapped outside the gift box? This may be confused by some people. Now, let's step into the world of exquisite gift boxes and understand the classification of gift boxes.

Usually, the common types of gift box are: Heaven and earth cover gift box, box type flip top gift box, chip gift box, drawer type gift box.

Tiandi Gai gift box, as the name suggests, is the upper and lower covers, which are divided into ordinary Tiandi Gai and Tiandi Gai on the inner rim.

There are three pieces, four pieces and five pieces. The closing part of the piece box has the function of magnet adsorption and reinforcement.

The box type folding gift box is similar to the chip box. It is fixed on one side and opened from the other side. It is usually connected with ribbon. Play a display effect.

The drawer type gift box is fixed on one side and opened from the other side, similar to the wooden drawer at home.

Into the world of gift boxes, see the box type introduction introduced above. The production of high-quality gift boxes also needs soul design, beautiful printing like a coat, technology that brings temperament, excellent materials and workmanship.

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