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Characteristics of paper gift box
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Characteristics of paper gift box

Gift box is the company for all kinds of festivals and products packaging, to achieve the purpose of promotion, so gift box is very important for product value-added and sales.

The common material for making gift box is paper material. Packaging manufacturers process different thickness paperboard into various types of paper products through professional equipment and technology, and mount the paper with exquisite patterns on the cardboard. The common way to make gift box is to use gray board to mount copper plate paper or art paper, print text pattern or logo bronzing UV.

In the packaging industry, paper packaging containers are mainly cartons and cartons. Generally, the paper box is made of white cardboard, and the carton is made of corrugated paper. According to its processing characteristics, cartons can be divided into folding cartons and pasting cartons.

Characteristics of paper gift box

Tea gift box

Folding gift box packaging is made of various kinds of cardboard or color small corrugated board. During production, it mainly goes through printing, surface processing, die cutting and indentation, box making and other working processes. Its plane unfolding structure is composed of contour cutting tangent line and indentation line, and is formed by die cutting and indentation technology. Die pressing is its main process feature. This kind of paper box requires high quality of die-cutting indentation, so the specification and size are strict. Therefore, die-cutting indentation is one of the key processes of carton production process, and is the basis to ensure the quality of carton.

Paste gift box packaging is to paste and mount the base material paperboard with veneer materials. In the base material paperboard molding, sometimes also needs to use the molding processing method.

The raw material for making the corrugated box of gift box is corrugated board. The processing is to use the disc type paper cutter to cut and roll out the folding line with the line pressing wheel. However, die-cutting indentation is also an effective production method, especially for some non-linear guide profiles and functional structures, such as unequal height of inner and outer swing covers, handle holes, ventilation holes, window openings, etc. Only by using the method of molding, it is easy to form.

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